Designers are in constant need of images and vectors which will serve as the base for their designs. One of the biggest issues they run into is copyright infringement! When getting images off the internet you have to be careful that you do not use an image that is not free and has copyrights on it.

But worry not, there are tons of websites you can get images for commercial use and do not have to worry at all about whether the image is free or has copyrights on it. There are plenty of photography websites where you can get free stock photos to make designs on!

  1. Pexels

This websites has millions of free stock photos from which you can choose the one which best serves your purpose. is a photography website which has free stock photos that can be modified with your designs and then used for commercial purposes. You do not have to worry about anything!

  1. Unsplash

If you are in search of photography websites with breathtaking images from real photographers; this is the website to visit. The images are free stock photos which you can use for any purpose whatsoever and you do not even have to attribute the image to the photographer.

  1. Canva

If you are looking for some templates and vectors which are free and you can use for your design, then you should visit The website also has some free stock images that you can use in your designs! The website also has some editing tools which you can use to edit the designs!

  1. Tumblr

Tumblr is a very popular blogging site with thousands of images found from everyday people; both professional and amateur photographers. The images on this website can be used by anyone for free! This is a great place to find images on thus you should keep in mind next time you want pictures for a design and are thinking of photography websites.

  1. Google

This one might be the easiest option ever. You can find free stock photos on Google Images if you change the settings. The search settings should be changed; select the ‘labeled for reuse with modification’ in the usage tab and you are good to go! The images which are then displayed can all be used for commercial purposes after being edited!