Images are always on huge demands, the primary reason being they create impactful marketing, where as other tactics might work, but will not turn out as productive as the presence of a picture.  Marketers, Bloggers, and advertisers are always on the lookout for free stock photos so that they can quickly collect images for commercial use. There are many photography websites that offer a lot of free stock photos under all categories. People who are submitting the photographs need to submit it according to the photography sites templates; this ensures perfect quality. Many people put up their pictures on social platforms, and when a company or a product use it without consent, they can face lawsuits. This is the reason that the companies should avoid these methods to collect photos instead they should opt for websites that offer these services for free. A few of these sites request citation, while some do not even demand any citation or reference.

Some of the websites that can be visited to use photos from are:

  • Gartisography, like its unique name, the website is a fun place. The site is updated every week. There is always a collection of fresh, high-resolution photos that visitors can select from. The website has an interactive interface with a touch of fun and creativity.
  •, a site with yet another amazing collection of photographs. They collect photos from two different sources. The website is extremely user-friendly. You can easily search for your relevant picture from the search bar. The pictures have a creative edge to them. You may credit the image to the source if you want to. The pictures can be viewed or downloaded as per the need of the user.
  • Raumrot, this website has loads of amazing photos that are available for download. The images are all high definition and set in different style frames and sizes. The user can download them according to their requirement. This site is a highly organized site with an unusual categorization of photos under themes as well as their group kinds. This site requires you to give credits wherever the photos are used. Also, some of the photos are to be used under set guidelines.
  • Pexels, a fantastic site with a 10k+ collection of high resolution, high definition pictures. The pictures are all under the free license. Hence, they can be used for both commercial and personal purposes. Every month the site is updated with 150+ photographs.